Antennas and Signal Processing Lab focuses on developing fundamental research into practice in the interdisciplinary area of antennas and propagation, signal processing, millimetre-wave and Internet of Things technologies for mobile and satellite applications, and aims to bring digital closer to the RF and Antennas.

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  • Antennas and arrays for base station, satellite and radar
  • mmWave and THz antennas
  • mmWave and THz propagation and OAM
  • Metanntena, large intelligent surface, exposure and coupling manipulation
  • Software-defined mmwave/THz transceiver systems
  • Sub-Nyquist sampling and machine learning from theory to practice 
  • IoT systems from antennas to signal processing

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Lab facilities

Equipment at ICS/5GIC

  • Software defined mmWave Transceiver System @28GHz
  • GHz sub-Nyquist experiment platform and software
  • Spectrum monitoring system from 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Spectrum and vector network analysers up to 67GHz

Antenna measurement facilities at NPL

  • Smart chamber (400 MHz to 110 GHz)
  • THz Spectroscopy (maximum 4THz) and VNA (up to 750 GHz)

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University of Surrey is partnered with  National Physical Laboratory (NPL) that is the UK’s National Measurement Institute and is a world leader in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards. We are dedicated to addressing key areas such as dealing with radio interference, intelligent antennas, measurement and modelling of nonlinear devices and metrology for 5G and beyond communications.